Camuglass Digital Camera / Video Glasses

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Battery Life

Extended 3 hour battery life

Lightweight Design

Extra lightweight at just 185g

Wife Capability

Utilizing built in wifi capability

Durable Design

Employing reliable extra strength design

Your digital glasses allow me to worry about one less thing – pointing a camera. Thanks guys! - Jennifer, U.K.
2x the battery life of my gopro. Not bad! - Liz, U.A.E
So satisfied that I had to wear my camuglasses in my profile pic here 🙂 - Andre, Brazil
Finally I have a way to get good footage without even planning on it. lol - Kelli, U.S.A.
Resolution and recording time are great. Keep up the good work! - Victoria, Spain
Loving the wifi capability. Very pleased so far - Todd, Germany
I have use the glasses everyday record work site activity and progress. It is very useful to me. - Takeshi, Japan


Battery Life - 3 Hours
Net Weight - 185g
Camuglass Charge Time - 1 Hour
Max Resolution - 1980x1080
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